Aidan Noone, Specialist in Brain Working Recursive Therapy , Specialist in Psycho-Sexual Disorders, Counselling Hypnotherapist and Hypnopsychotherapist

Hello and Welcome. Thank you for visiting my website.  I work with clients to help them be more happy in life and consequently they are free to live to their fullest potential.

Whatever your journey in life is, you can be assured that there will be many twists and turns which may cause you to stumble and falter, keeping you from reaching your true and fullest potential.

On this website you will read about ways and interventions that are available to help you move forward, both personally and professionally. To find out more please click on the Menu button at the top of the screen.

Whatever life situation you find yourself in, a quick telephone call or email to me can put your mind at ease in finding out whether the work I do may be or indeed may not be of help to you.

Why not put your mind at ease and contact me without obligation. My telephone number is 085 7100511 or my email is

Please be free to search around my website for further details and information on the type of work I am involved with and the type of mind related issues I help my clients with.

Please bear in mind that I have over 20 years experience in my area of work and expertise. You can be assured that I work only within my competance and your good care is of paramount importance to me.


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